Specialists in Health Care and Pharmacy Consulting


Through coaching, clinical programs, creative scheduling, and the introduction of staff development and Residency Options, we will increase morale and channel employment budgetary dollars efficiently.

Leadership Coaching

Often, Directors of Pharmacy have tremendous clinical skills but may lack the skill sets to be effective leaders. Leadership is an art that adds worth to the success of your organization. The value of leadership coaching is staggering, addressing such imperatives as: Individual and team leadership development, organization development and improvement in performance of people skills and conflict management.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Clinical pharmacists provide direct patient care services that optimize the use of medication and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention. Clinical pharmacists collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to improve pharmaceutical care. Clinical pharmacists are an integral part of the interdisciplinary approach to patient care. They participate in patient care rounds and drug product selection. Dangerous and high cost drugs that require close monitoring are dosed and managed by clinical pharmacists.

Staff Competency Assessment

Ensuring that pharmacists and support staff are competent in the clinical and procedural services they provide is a critical component of patient care. Appropriate staff competencies and a corresponding assessment tool must be in place to ensure that staff are capable of performing the service in accordance with the established standards of care. Staff should be provided with annual goals and objectives that are defined and quantified.

Staff Development and Education

Staff development and training programs are critical to the success of the organization and are an easy way to help your employees become more engaged. People choose to work with organizations that encourage development of staff and produce their best work when they are interested and committed to what they do.

Staffing assessment and Ratios

Proper staff ratios are a critical component to providing quality patient care. Health care organizations often adjust staffing levels based on erroneous information or to meet tight budgetary goals. Increasing staffing levels may result in increased overall costs of care with no guarantees for improvement in quality or positive outcomes of hospitalization. An assessment of staffing is a critical balance that ensures that proper quality of care can be offered without a negative impact on expense.

Interim Management

We have partnered with accomplished Pharmacy Leaders that are available on short and long term assignments. SMMA will select a candidate that will be best suited for your particular needs based on our findings and recommendations.

Executive and Staff Recruitment

Directors of Pharmacy (DoP’s) often need support in the operation of the pharmacy department and with coordination of the medication management systems used within the facility. Vacancies at the DoP and management level are increasing and the ability to identify qualified candidates is often difficult. SMMA works with a national pharmacy executive search firm specializing exclusively in health system recruitment who has developed relationships with academic hospitals, community based and level I trauma hospitals around the country. With these facilities, they have placed pharmacists for permanent and interim positions in various specialties and at all levels including Director, Clinical and Staff pharmacists.

All findings and comments are documented. A final written report is presented to the client within 30 days after the on-site assessment. SMMA will develop a focused plan and will assist with the implementation and evaluation of the plan, providing mentoring an ongoing support, all with the approval of the client’s Senior Management team.