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How We Help

The consultants at SMMA are nationally recognized experts in pharmacy and health system management and ideally suited to help with your needs.

There are over 6,500 hospitals in the United States and regrettably the level of practice of medicine, pharmacy and nursing are not equivalent in all of these settings. It is estimated that adverse drug events (ADEs) result in more than 770,000 injuries and deaths each year and cost up to $5.6 million per healthcare facility, depending on size. Many ADE injuries and resulting hospital costs can be reduced if hospitals make changes to their systems. Patients deserve the very best of care no matter the site of care. Regulatory agencies set the minimum level of care but how many of these healthcare organizations truly meet even these standards.

Safe Medication Management Associates (SMMA) is a consulting and coaching firm consisting of nationally recognized thought leaders in health-system pharmacy, providing on-site reviews of the medication management processes and systems used by healthcare organizations. Our goal is to optimize the medication use process, promote the safe use of medications, and review and provide opportunities for improvement across the continuum of care. We provide on-site consultation designed to improve the quality of drug therapy, improve patient outcomes and manage costs. We review the systems used for the prescribing, dispensing, administration, and monitoring of medications. We provide direct coaching of staff to ensure success.

Our approach is to perform an on-site assessment of the operational, organizational, and clinical effectiveness of the medication use process. We review compliance, provide gap analysis and offer solutions on how to comply with standards established by regulatory agencies such as The Joint Commission, DEA and CMS. We look for opportunities to improve medication utilization and to improve patient outcomes in the most cost effective manner. We review your patient quality and medication safety programs and offer recommendations on how to reduce the risk of medication events. We review your systems of drug distribution assessing all aspects of technology, including point of care, robotics, bedside bar coding and patient care clinical information systems. Our staff of nationally recognized thought leaders in health-system pharmacy will work to identify areas for improvement that will help to achieve the best outcomes, comply with regulatory standards, and ensure the highest quality of care in the most cost-effective manner. Once the assessment is complete, SMMA works with the facility to develop an action plan. We then follow-up by coaching your staff and actively participate to facilitate transformation and ensure success.

Our clients include hospitals, health-systems, academic medical centers, outpatient clinics, retail pharmacies, individual practitioners, and other healthcare organizations concerned with the safe and effective use of medication.