Specialists in Health Care and Pharmacy Consulting

What Sets Us Apart

We feel that our team is what truly sets us apart from the competition. Each one of us is an expert in their respective field, and brings that knowledge and experience to every project that we work on.

We believe that consulting should be a personal service. Personal relationships are key to our success and the ultimate success of our clients. SMMA is organized with principals providing direct input for each phase of the project. Our staff maintains working relationships with your staff and coaches them to provide a smooth process. We represent our clients well by serving them with honesty and with the highest regard to their bottom line.

collaborative approach

We focus on implementation, and we bring a team of experienced experts – seasoned professionals who work on-site, side-by-side with hospital managers and staff. Our collaborative approach ensures the sustainability of results and builds a culture of continuous improvement.

work redesign

To maintain or improve quality levels, we conduct a comprehensive review of existing operating performance. We work with department managers, physician leaders, and senior management to provide custom solutions and tools, helping and coaching managers to achieve optimum results.


Because of our experience and skill, our recommendations deliver results very rapidly.


The consultants of SMMA are not affiliated with any wholesaler or product manufacturers. The recommendations made by SMMA are free of conflicts of interest and reflect their collective “best of breed” knowledge and experience.